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“To empower women around the world with a career that really works using products that really work.” - SeneGence’s mission statement. SeneGence is dedicated to the empowerment of women and the betterment of lives. SeneGence believes in SeneSenergy. SeneSenergy is: to abundantly empower others to promote success and growth, and in doing so, re-energizing your own. SeneGence as a company is also seen as an international leader of long-lasting, anti-aging color cosmetics and skin care in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

At Kiss and Makeup, we’ve fallen in love with LipSense Kiss Proof LipStick, their kiss-proof liquid lip color, and would love to bring it to you. LipSense is an amazing kiss-proof, smear-proof, smudge-proof, liquid lip color that lasts all day. LipSense Kiss Proof LipStick is SeneGence’s premiere lip product designed for all day color and moisturizing finish. These beautiful shades of pinks, reds, oranges, and nudes stay vivid and luxurious all day. LipSense color paired with LipSense Gloss provides a kiss proof pout that lasts all day. Kiss and Makeup is your connection to all shades LipSense and any finish LipSense Gloss you would want to order.
LipSense® Kiss Proof LipStick

This awesome product comes in multiple shades, providing a kiss proof look for any occasion. Find your new favorite lipstick in SeneGence’s LipSense Kiss Proof LipStick today! This is the Kiss-Proof product that actually works, contact us today and let us share it with you.

Apply once a day to have all day wear in your favorite color. Layer different LipSense colors to create new looks all your own. LipSense Kiss Proof LipStick is initially sold as a set, which includes LipSense Liquid Lip Color, a moisturizing Gloss, and an Ooops! Remover.

SeneGence, as a company will continue to utilize its unique ingredients and technologies for further development of new and exciting ‘products that really work’ for our distributors to sell. LipSense Kiss Proof LipStick is a revolutionary beauty product you need to try today.
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