LipSense Distributor

SeneGence provides all the materials to help their distributors succeed in the selling of their products. As their motto says “To empower women around the world with a career that really works using products that really work.” SeneGence Independent Distributor takes control over their career, their schedule, and their lives. Much like the idea of SeneSenergy; to abundantly empower others to promote success and growth, and in doing so, re-energizing your own. Distributors can stick to specific products, like Carrie with LipSense Distributor, or they can become a SeneGence Independent Distributor, promoting all of the fabulous products SeneGence has to offer.

As a standard business philosophy SeneGence is committed to the following:

Product Formulations:

  • No Animal Testing/animal by-products (We use alternative sources)
  • Promote use of naturally reoccurring ingredients
  • All products formulated with FDA approved ingredients
  • Made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ rated manufacturing facility
  • Made in the United States for stringent quality control
LipSense Distributor | SeneGence Independent DistributorLipSense Distributor | SeneGence Independent Distributor

SeneGence Independent Distributor

SeneGence is also committed to Green practices, such as minimal product packaging and paperless business operations all to minimize environmental waste and destruction wherever possible. SeneGence Distributors can promote their products with confidence knowing the that SeneGence is committed to Ethical, humane, and eco-friendly products. LipSense Distributors promote an amazing kiss-proof, smear-proof, smudge-proof, liquid lip color that lasts all day. LipSense is SeneGence’s premiere lip product designed for all day color and moisturizing finish. Carrie would love to talk to you today about becoming a LipSense Distributor! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by- become a SeneGence Independent Distributor today! Find out about all the incredible rewards that can be earned by a LipSense Distributor. Carrie continues to exceed her self-expectations and is continually amazed by the quality of SeneGence products. Carrie has also been able to experience all of this while staying FULLY COMMITTED to her job and family