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Above entities are an Independent Distributor and not employed by SeneGence International or LipSense and do not have the actual, implied, presumed, or any other authority whatsoever to incur any liability on behalf of the company or bind the company in any way.  If you join my team, you will also be an Independent Distributor.  You have to work your business in order to grow and have amazing results but I will help you, answer your questions, provide you resources, etc.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

NOTICE REGARDING COLORS OF LIPSENSE AND WEBSITE OR SOCIAL MEDIA INFORMATION REGARDING COLORS:  SeneGence has had as many as 80 colors of LipSense in the recent past. You may see posts on this page for a color(s) that is not currently in production or that was a limited stock color, etc.  If you contact me about a color or gloss that is not currently in production, has been discontinued or is not currently in stock, then I will let you know and will assist you in choosing a similar color and gloss to meet your needs.

DISCLOSURE OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY:  Carrie Kreps Kiss and Makeup is a division of Changing Your Life, LLC and Carrie Kreps is a member of said LLC.

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